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Design and Technology


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Within the Academy we cover a broad range of subject areas throughout key stage three to five. Our aim in the department is to encourage and ensure that all students develop transferable learning skills which they can use throughout their education at the Academy and beyond. The wide variety of subjects on offer allows our students to develop into independent, creative thinkers.

Course Overview

At key stage three students study a wide range of technology subjects through project based learning. Students follow a carousel system which allows them to spend time with multiple subject areas and develop their core skills.

Design and Technology at key stage three enables the students to explore the diverse world of design and technology through a variety of projects. Within Design and Technology we acknowledge the importance of our students developing practically and academically and have therefore designed projects to enhance and develop these elements to their full potential.

The Fresher students complete an induction project, CAD/CAM pen project, book end project and they explore a basic level of hospitality through the licence to cook programme.

The Prep students complete an architecture project, desk tidy Project, flat pack torch project, creative and media and further development of their hospitality skills through the licence to cook programme

These projects compliment the opportunities in hospitality and catering, engineering, construction and product design currently available at key stage four. This ensures that they have the knowledge and experience to make educated decisions about their future career paths.

To monitor the progression of all our key stage three students we have developed a thorough tracking system. This enables every student to reach their full potential during their journey through the key stage three Design and Technology curriculum at DYCA.

In fresher year students join the Academy with little or no experience of design technology. Our curriculum at this level has been designed and catered to open their eyes to the subject area and incorporates theory, design and make practical tasks as well as cross curriculum links with numeracy, literacy and ICT.

Freshers also have a wide variety of after school clubs on a Monday in session four which enables them to study new areas and develop greater confidence within the subject.

Prep students draw on their learning from the previous year and study areas of the subject in greater depth. The aim of this year is for students to progress and study areas which they may pursue into further study at key stage four. Through taster day events and key stage four subjects incorporated into the curriculum, students are better equipped for making the right choice and decisions when it comes to subject choices later on in this year.


At key stage four the Design & Technology department caters to all students by offering a diverse range of subjects which students can study at GCSE level. Level 2 diplomas and BTECs are also on offer to students pursuing a qualification in a particular subject area.

Our students are highly motivated and enjoy working and developing their independent learning whilst in the department. All of the staff enjoy working as a team and constantly strive to embrace new and exciting materials, trends and challenges in the field of Technology.

Within the department we offer the following courses:

Level 2 Diplomas

  • Construction & the Built Environment
  • Engineering
  • Creative & Media
  • Hospitality & Catering


  • Product Design


  • Construction
  • CVT
  • Art & Design (D&T based)
  • Hospitality & Catering

Level two diplomas

Within Design & Technology students can study a level two diploma in Construction and the Built Environment, Engineering or Creative and Media. The diploma is studied over three years and students complete eight units which cover a variety of topics using different media. The diploma is a relatively new qualification which consists of several components:

  • Principal Learning - this is the main bulk of your learning and covers all the specialist knowledge that relates to the subject.
  • Additional Specialist Learning - this is an additional subject that relates to the main diploma.
  • Functional Skills - these are qualifications in practical real-world English, Maths and ICT.
  • Extended project - this is a separate qualification in which you get to produce an extended piece of work in a topic of your choice and is worth half a GCSE


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