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Why study English?

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Studying English and English Literature at the David Young Community Academy offers dynamic and life-enhancing opportunities. Moral and spiritual values underpin the learning purpose and style, and we will support all learners to become secure and confident in their speaking, listening, thinking, reading and writing skills.


We will promote deep learning by:

  • Leading our students to have bright, enquiring minds and independent learning skills
  • Teaching our students to speak with confidence and flair
  • Guiding students to know, understand and demonstrate the power of good listening
  • Reading and studying texts of significant moral power from different periods of English Literature and from different cultures and traditions
  • Imparting knowledge on how to write with a strong level of accuracy and flair
  • Working in a manner that encourages collaboration, support and respect for one another and heightened awareness of the power of imagination and creativity for all manner of situations in life

Studying English can result in a wide range of exciting careers:

  • Journalist
  • Teacher
  • Author
  • Actor
  • Librarian
  • Script writer
  • Website writer
  • Editor
  • Blog writer
  • Personal assistant 


Course overview


Our main focus is ensuring students start their secondary education with a very positive experience of English, which builds on the skills learnt in primary education. Students read three texts; 'Boy', 'Skellig' and 'Animal Farm'. Additionally, students explore William Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' and Poetry from Other Cultures.


Prep (Year 8)

Students' appreciation of their literary heritage continues into Prep year, as they study the film 'Freedom Writers' and explore literature from World War 2 and the Holocaust. There is a real focus in Prep on expanding students' understanding of the wider world, and developing an appreciation for other cultures.

Senior 1 (Year 9)

Students begin their studies for GCSEs a year early, to maximise their potential for success. The focus shifts from literature, to further studies of language, with students studying the 'Power of Language' and 'Spoken Language', which looks at the way we speak in different contexts. Students also read Shakespeare's 'Othello'.

Senior 2/3 (Years 10/11)

Students spend their final two years preparing for their English Literature and English Language GCSEs. Students read and study Willy Russell's play 'Blood Brothers' and the social novel 'Of Mice and Men'. Students sit mock exams throughout the two years to give them experience before they sit the real exams. Students also produce an essay on Shakespeare's 'Henry IV Part 1' as part of their GCSE controlled assessments.




Website links

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