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Why study Maths?
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Mathematics is one of the most widely used subjects in the world and at DYCA all students study mathematics until the end of Senior 3. The study of mathematics helps students understand how to organise complicated problems into a series of clear, simple and logical steps that can be solved. It promotes deep thinking and an enquiring mind. The mathematics department at DYCA strives to ensure that the subject is both enjoyable and differentiated so that every student can access it and achieve their potential.


Course Overview



Key Stage 3 - Fresher and Prep


During these years, students set the foundations for their mathematical development. We currently follow the Collins Framework, which consolidates and extends students’ experiences with Number, Algebra, Handling Data and Shape, Space and Measure. It also includes functional skills topics, which assist students in understanding the applications of their studies to both the world outside the classroom and the new style of Key Stage 4 examinations.


Key Stage 4 – Senior 1, 2 and 3


Students begin to study for the Edexcel Linear GCSE examinations during Senior 1and continue it through to Senior 3. The exam is split into Foundation and Higher tiers, with students able to achieve a C grade on either level. The syllabus continues to work on the Number, Algebra, Handling Data and Shape, Space and Measure strands with each block unified under a practical theme that draws together these different braches.  It also includes functional skills elements where students have to combine techniques from a variety of topics to solve problems in a real world context.


Key Stage 5


All students studying for the International Baccalaureate Diploma must study maths at Higher, Standard or Studies level.   Maths Higher is aimed at those students with a strong background and interest in mathematics and is an excellent preparation for university courses with a very high mathematical content. Maths Standard is aimed at those students who require a sound mathematical preparation for application to other subjects such as sciences, business or economics. Maths Studies is designed to build confidence and encourage an appreciation of a variety of mathematical topics. All three tiers are assessed by a combination of examinations and project work.

Those students studying for the International Baccalaureate Career-related Certificate can opt to study either Maths Standard or Maths Studies as one of their subject choices.


By Year

Fresher and Prep


Students have two lessons of mathematics each week during which they consolidate and extend their experiences and understanding across a range of core mathematical topics.


Senior 1,2 and 3


Students have two or three lessons of mathematics a week during which they work towards their GCSE mathematics qualification assessed through a calculator and a non calculator examination.


Sixth Form


Students studying for the IB Diploma choose from the Higher, Standard or Studies level syllabus. Those studying for the IB CC can opt for either Standard or Studies if they wish.




There are three maths clubs every Monday that offer either practical applications of maths or extension activities. Students in all years are offered the opportunity to enter national UK Maths Challenge competitions and students are regularly invited to attend events at other institutions. A full programme of support is available to our Key stage 4 and 5 students for revision and exam preparation hosted by subject specialists.


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